Wild Berry Amaretto Soap


Wild Berry Amaretto Soap


A sweet smelling shower of wild berries and sweet almonds with a rich buttery lather.

( Warning: Try these and there's a good chance you will never go back to the other stuff…does NOT cause sneezing, watery eyes or dry itchy skin!!)


 Lather up without harsh detergents or synthetic fragrance!! Besides being one of nature's best moisturizers, coconut oil contains lauric acid which has some of the strongest anti-viral and anti-microbial properties found in nature.

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All-natural handmade soaps (without SLS/harsh detergentand petroleum derived fragrances that strip natural oils)

For all skin types.


Won't strip away natural oils.

Leaves skin feeling soft and pampered. 

Aromatherapy benefit 


Active Ingredients

Coconut Oil: anti-viral, anti-bacterial, emollient, moisturizing

Olive Oil: contains essential fatty acids, moisturizing

Castor Oil: moisturizing, soothing

Ingredients: olea europea (saponified extra virgin olive) oil, glycine oil, cocos nucifera (saponified coconut) oil, ricinus communis (saponified castor) oil, ( all with retained vegetable glycerin), butyrospermum parkii( shea butter), purely herbal essences.