Bausc was created to offer luxury without toxicity.


Bausc is committed to helping consumers reduce their toxic load by providing safe and luxurious alternatives to every day skin care products.

We use ingredients that do not harm the body.  Our suppliers certify our plant based oils are made without GMOs; and our manufacturing facilities are completely free of gluten.

We are committed to sharing information about the state of the skin care industry in the US; and in the process, give back to organizations that are focused on a similar message.  It is our mission to educate consumers one by one in the hopes that if our legislation won't protect us from exposure to known toxins and carcinogens, the combined force of our pocketbooks will force companies to provide safe products.


Sandy Polentes

Sandy Polentes is the founder of Bausc, Inc.  She launched her business to help spread awareness about the toxicity in personal care products.  The majority of these products contain harmful ingredients that unsuspecting consumers are using on a daily basis.  These carcinogens, endocrine disruptors and allergens are absorbed by the skin and enter directly into the bloodstream.


Her inspiration to develop non-toxic products was brought on by her own devastating health problems.  Totally incapacitated, she was physically unable to care for her young children.  Desperate to find a cause she went to a broad range of well respected physicians. None, not even specialists, were able to offer her any hope of recovery. 


By fortunate coincidence, she met an integrative doctor who introduced her to a new paradigm.  He showed her how humans are exposed to many toxic chemicals every day…not just food, water, and air but cleaning products, air fresheners, fire retardants/PBDEs ( mattresses, computers,pajamas, interiors of airplanes and movie theaters are drenched with them), plastics, paints, glues, carpets, personal care products, prescription and over the counter drugs, dental materials, lawn care, food packaging…and much more. She had been going through life and never once noticed or even gave a thought to her daily exposure to toxic chemicals.  


A major part of her path to healing was to detoxify her body while eliminating the harmful chemicals that were part of her daily routine.  She learned that exposure to chemicals is cumulative, long lasting and may take years to reveal itself.


She realized if she simply replaced toxic products with non-toxic alternatives it would lighten her body’s burden and allow healing.  She has experienced first hand that our bodies have the power to forgive, repair and rebound once healthy steps are taken.


 While trying to find products without harmful ingredients,  it was truly detective work…(see “Share the Pear”).  The challenges included lack of labeling laws as well as "Greenwashing"; a common practice of using the words "Natural" and "Organic" to mask the overwhelming chemical content.  Due to rapid growth in this segment, most of the leading clean brands have been purchased by large corporations who altered formulas pursuing higher margins.  When found, it seems that most of the products that were formulated with safe ingredients are either targeted at the granola crowd or very medicinal or earthy in their scenting and packaging