Perfumes in antiquity were concentrated, scented unguents (solid perfumes) and perfumed oils. They were applied by simply rubbing them on. Bausc is recreating the perfumes of history. Our perfumes are all natural. Just a dab from the roll-on bottle to enhance, not overpower.

Try our different scents, described below!

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Reminds us of the mystery of soul connection and the captivating emotion of desire.   This is the sensual, seductive and smooth aroma of true Egyptian musk.   We often layer this fragrance with others to add warm undertones.  


Reminds us of that first warm, sunny  morning  after a  cold winter. A light and feminine blend that evokes the beauty and abundance of Spring.  Invigorate your spirit with this elegant and timeless delight which includes notes of Jasmine and Green tea.


Reminds us of a garden party.          Lilac evokes the intoxicating feelings of true love, innocence and purity. Wear Lilac and capture this joyful time and place …a genuine ode to spring!


Reminds us of summer nights, music under the stars, not a care in the world ...a hint of wild jasmine in the evening breeze.  This delicate bouquet will touch your senses and have heads turning toward you for another whiff.


 Reminds of us laughter and conversation around a  chilly bonfire under the stars.  These spicy, citrus notes flood our minds with nostalgic feelings of autumn as the warm summer retreats. A perfect transition to brisk fall afternoons and chilly romantic evenings.  


Reminds us of crisp, sunny autumn days, cozy nights and sharing fall holidays with family and favorite friends ... This multi-layered fragrance bursts with succulent beauty in notes of fresh cranberries and soft undertones of fig.


Reminds us of an Autumn day in Paris. This elegant and complex scent is a great addition to any perfume lover’s collection due to its versatility and very ‘French’ taste. Layers of woodsy and floral notes are perfect for sunlight or moonlight; on a romantic date or an easy stroll  through the city of light.